To Train Up A Child

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

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All programs are currently free to download, but if you wish, you can order a CD mailed to you for only $20. Click here to learn more.

Math Quizzer

Adjustable math table time trials - learn the math facts

mySpellingBee - Now Available!

A SpellingBee program where you attempt to spell the word provided by the computer.


Vortamiksilo = Word Mixer

An Edu-Game where you unscramble the mixed up words

Cerbenigmo - Now Available!

Cerbenigmo = Brain Puzzle

An Edu-Game where you choose the correct answer

mySearchWord - Now Available!

Create your wordlists, and let the computer generate a Search Word puzzle for you. Excellent for learning vocabulary!

Looking for Bible Software?

Visit for myKJVsearch, myKJVpc, and myBIBLEdict software programs that I have also developed.

Do you Enjoy Puzzles?

Here is a handmade word search puzzle where you can search for the books of the New Testament.

SearchWord puzzles

If you like Searchword puzzles, here a few where you can search for the books of the Bible. There are actually 20 puzzles in each set.

The files are not large, so they should download or open fairly quickly, even if you have dialup access.

This one is a 10x10 puzzle: 20 small mySearchWord puzzles.

And here are two 20x20 puzzles: 20 large mySearchWord puzzles and 20 more large mySearchWord puzzles.

These puzzles were generated using mySearchWord.

Ten Top Tips To Train Tots

Tips to help you raise your children God's way.

Thoughts to Think On:
"Do not teach them to disobey by rewarding them for disobedience. Remember! you do this every time you give them anything because they cry for it."

- John Wesley

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